It’s Raining Tacos

This week I felt really good when…

I went to kids cross fit and I did the mountain bike trip which was really fun.

New activities I tried this week were…

Mystery Science echo lesson.

Next week I plan to…

listen to The Giver.

Majestic Sloth

This week I…

I went to the library and got a couple books

I played banana tag with Will, Andrew, Caleb, Tessa, and Ayan.

I gathered the acorns with Charlotte to make pancakes.

I listened to “The Giver”, it’s pretty interesting.

I did Mystery Science both days. A mountain can’t last forever because trees grow under it. Usually the rocks fall apart and then they roll down hill.

Flying Tacos

During PEH this week, I…

Read my Zombie Invasion book. I cut out pictures and words from magazines. Today I read and went to the library to get lots of new books.

New activities I tried this week were…

I made bath bombs, and had a basketball tournament.

I really felt good when I was…

Was playing basketball today because I kept myself moving.

Would you rather live in a castle, on a houseboat, or on a farm? Why?

I want to live in a castle because I could rule the world and it would be awesome.

Flying Cat

This week I felt really good when I was reading during PEH because it just felt good to read and learn how to read.

New activities I tried this week were the bridge thing when I put coins on the bridge until it falls down. I also tried the elephant challenge.

Next week I plan to play basketball, on my Ipad, play with Grayson, and practice reading.

So long until next time.


Was there anything particularly interesting or important about this week?

It was interesting that I could rally with Dan (keep a consistent volley going in pingpong). I really like watching people play pingpong.

Did you encounter any challenges this week that you were able to overcome or that you’re still dealing with?


Anything else you did this week that is worth noting?

I liked the Coraline play. It was kinda freaky. 

*Pop* Jackson’s secret missions

This morning I played in small group and I found Abe’s hat. I also played out side. We played tag Frisbee and stuff outside. That’s all until clean up. I did clean up. I also went on a secret mission to find the hat in the girls’ secret hideout, and we ate some bread.On the secret mission we sneaked into the church. And crept past the church people looking for Abram’s hat. Abe was really afraid. Andrew also went with us on our secret mission.  It was the best day ever.  Abe and Chuck helped type this.  (I wasn’t REALLY scared).